Here is an uncomfortable truth of the DevOps world: most cloud apps are running hot. The infrastructure is overprovisioned, and the apps are consuming more resources than they should, while the overall app performance remains  depressingly low.

But what can you do to stop your apps running hot? The current DevOps paradigm doesn’t really allow much space for optimization before deployment. Worse still, even a simple 5-container application can have 255-trillion resource and basic parameter permutations. No one, not even the most brilliant developer in the world, has knowledge comprehensive and flawless enough to take on this vast amount of configuration tweaks to optimize an app.

In response, companies resort to throwing every resource they have at infrastructure and app workloads, no matter the expense. This is a wasteful, band-aid solution to a repetitive, serious problem.

Cloud Optimization by Opsani offers the solution. Opsani is the cold, air-conditioned breeze that can cool your running-hot applications. This is how we do it:

  • After the app code has passed through the CI/CD pipeline, Opsani begins to measure the performance of that code, and formulates predictions about which set of configurations can further improve the performance or reduce the cost incurred.
  • It then tweaks the settings and configuration parameters, implements the changes, and runs tests. While this is going on, Opsani measures data from the testing process and analyzes the data to learn how the changes affected the performance and/or cost.
  • Opsani then takes these learnings, compares them to previous data, and makes another set of predictions, which lead to a new set of configurations.
  • This cycle runs repeatedly and non-stop. The system keeps on finding new ways to achieve the highest possible performance with the lowest possible cost.

And because it is constantly gathering new and more powerful data, the Opsani intelligence is able to constantly uncover more and more new solutions, ending your struggle with running-hot systems and applications.

On average, when they implement Cloud Optimization, Opsani users experience a 2.5x increase in performance, or a 40-70% decrease in cost. Overnight.

Ready to cool down your apps? See how Opsani does this in action. Request a demo here.