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When it comes to managing very complex environments, sometimes the best thing humanity can do is get out of its own way. The complex microservices often used today can challenge the most highly trained IT professional. Infrastructure used to be simple enough that humans could manage and optimize them effectively.

No more – these infrastructures have become overly complex and costly. Opsani uses the capabilities of AI to optimize applications in the cloud. Learn how this optimization tool came about and how it’s saving companies millions of dollars through Continuous Optimization in this video with Ross.

We Believe

AI will play a crucial role in improving application performance and accelerating the transition to full autonomy.

AIOps performance tuning will enable DevOps teams to be focused on delivering features to their customer, will lower the financial cost of cloud spend and provide accelerated release velocity.

At Opsani, we set out to put AI in the driver’s seat

A Continuously Optimizing Team

Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people. – Steve Jobs 

The cloud is mind-boggling. An ever-expanding universe, encompassing millions of data points, it presents a serious challenge to the limits of human scale. Opsani was founded with the objective of taming this complex influx of data, keeping it secure, and making it accessible. 

Opsani’s mission is to instigate a culture shift in DevOps and make Continuous Optimization the norm. To achieve this, we have brought together some of the finest minds in machine learning (ML)

At Opsani, every member of the team is responsible for the product. We listen carefully to our fellow team members, and to our customers. Everyone at Opsani is keenly aware that it is their efforts that will push the company to the next level.

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opsani founders

Experienced founders

Ross’s idea to use AI and machine learning to automate continuous optimization for complex infrastructures came in a flash of insight—a contemporary solution for a contemporary challenge. Ross and Peter are both serial entrepreneurs, and Peter is also a proven technology innovator with patents in object-oriented programming, software assembly, files systems, and cloud computing.

Before founding Opsani, Ross founded Topspin Communications and saw its success through to its acquisition by Cisco. Prior to this, Ross founded Rapid City Communications later acquired by Nortel, where the technology and product line was responsible for $2B in revenue.

Prior to Opsani, Peter founded 3-tera where he implemented one of the first successful multi-tenant cloud operating systems. Deployed at companies such as BT and Disney, it had a revolutionary way of virtualizing infrastructure and deploying applications to it. The highly successful company was later sold to CA Technologies.

Cool technology

We are delighted to have had our cool technology recently ranked in CIOReview’s  “Top 100″ list of Most Promising Tech Startups – 2019, an award that recognizes elite companies disrupting industries.

By using advanced machine learning technologies, Opsani enables organizations to automate performance tuning of applications and automate cloud cost optimization to bring remarkable gains in application performance and efficiency that ensure customer satisfaction.

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