Receive a Occulus Quest 2 when you complete an Opsani Pilot

Terms and Conditions:
  1. A “Pilot”,  is an Opsani Optimization of a customer provided application/service that completes a full optimization cycle and results in an optimization recommendation.   (The initial configuration and setup typically completes in under 30 minutes,  a typical optimization cycle completes in under 48 hours)
  2. You must complete the Pilot to an optimal result in order to receive an Occulus.
  3. Each organization is limited to one entry
  4. Promotion ends 7/31/21
  5. Offer not valid outside of North America
  1. The Kubernetes cluster version is 1.16+The cluster can access Docker Hub images and
  2. The cluster has headroom of approximately 2 times size of one workload pod
  3. You have full access to the namespace where the workload resides
  4. The application is deployed as a Kubernetes Deployment workload resource. This is the most used workload type.
  5. The application processes HTTP requests over a TCP port exposed on the container. If your application receives traffic on multiple ports
  6. The application has at least 2-3 pods and can be scaled up and down. The application pods should be stateless and adding an extra pod and removing it periodically should be supported. (This is typically supported by most cloud native applications deployed using a Deployment resource and used for high availability and scaling).
  7. The application pods have CPU and memory resources explicitly defined. At least one of requests or limits must be specified for each resource type (cpu and memory).
  8. The application deployment does not have a vertical pod autoscaler configured. To optimize such application, temporarily disable the vertical pod autoscaler.
  9. The application is receiving reasonably sustained traffic during the optimization process (at least 1 request per second).