ROI In 30 Days – Better Than Free

When DevOps discusses adding new tools to company CI/CD toolchain the costs are usually pretty clear. To get budget approval may include discussing ROI but returns are not always easy to calculate. Measuring the ROI of workflow tools designed for productivity improvements, alerts or predictive analytics becomes an arbitrary exercise.

Optune is unique in your toolchain in that our tool produces results which are easy to measure and cost reductions which can be directly attributed to the optimization process.  Our dashboard includes a baseline and shows the improvement for each iteration. Demonstrating ROI is as simple as looking at the improvement in the cost per hour and multiplying it by the number of clusters running the application.

All of this brings me to a customer dashboard one of our engineers showed me this morning. This client signed a POC in November and we integrated with their front end app in January.  In less than a week, the system autonomously ran numerous tests and produced compelling results. By automatically adjusting resource parameters across the full application stack, Optune identified 3 sets of configurations: 1.Best Performance 2. Best Efficiency and 3. Lowest Cost.

As is generally the case, the company chose lowest cost option which reduced their spend by 67%  and improved performance 9%. Optune saved them more than they will spend for an entire year of continuous optimization before their bill came due.

Let me say that again. Optune paid for itself in under 30 days and they will save about $5 million in the next 12 months. ROI in the same quarter is easy to budget for; it’s free money.

I even have a pretty graph to share the results. Look how the cost (in the salmon color) came down even as performance (light blue) nudged up, resulting in a huge increase in the efficiency (dark green line) of the app.

Cost decreased by 198% while performance improved by 9%

Want to save millions of dollars a year on your app?

Check out this video of Optune in action and then sign up for 30 minutes for a demo

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