OpsaniThat’s right, we’re changing our name.

If you’re reading this, I know you’re wondering what it means. Opsani derives from the Slavic root for “description” which speaks to our vision of declarative systems for modern management.

When we started Datagrid a couple years ago we were working on an infrastructure management system that could easily and cheaply manage thousands of servers in lights-out data centers. Given all the founders have extensive backgrounds in infrastructure, that direction made sense. As often happens, though, we pivoted early. Instead of infrastructure we focused on a more pressing need for DevOps systems designed for the era of containers. We continued with the Datagrid name, as we first came out with our vulnerability and update scanner, VCTR, and more recently with our Skopos continuous deployment system.

Shortly after we made our pivot customers began asking about our name. “Datagrid doesn’t sound like a system for DevOps” we started to hear over and over. We resisted the change for a while but it became clear it needed to happen.

So, how did we pick Opsani? We’re an angel funded startup so a branding consultant wasn’t an option, plus in past experience their results are mixed at best. I’m sure a few folks will be curious what the other name options were. In addition to Opsani, more than 50 other names were considered including Jeddak, TideRun, Kaizam and Tomero.

Aside from the name change everything else remains the same. We’re still the same team, focused on bridging the gap from continuous integration to continuous deployment and autonomous operations. All installed software will continue to operate and the support will come from the same great folks.

Welcome Opsani!