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Performance tuning
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Opsani is the only technology company that can continuously tune cloud applications for their optimal performance, lowest cloud spend, and best reliability. We use AI and machine learning to tune all of the key elements of your cloud apps simultaneously. Opsani’s Continuous Optimization as a Service (COaaS) is being used by leading companies in highly regulated industries from financial services to healthcare to transportation.

“We know that many healthcare organizations, as well as first responders and medical research groups are dependent on cloud applications, which are often very transactional and at a higher risk of crashing because of the ongoing increased traffic. That is where Opsani comes in, helping organizations improve app performance, lower cloud cost and deliver a more reliable application experience to users. If  you work in an organization dealing with people trying to schedule treatments, vaccinations and other appointments, you need Opsani.” 

Patrick Conte, Opsani Chief Commerical Officer

The next step is
Continuous Optimization.

If you believe in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, the natural next step is Continuous Optimization: CI/CD/CO.

As new code is pushed, new libraries are integrated, new infrastructure is made available or user patterns change, CO will ensure that the best combinations of resources and parameter settings are implemented.

Opsani AI integrates with your existing CI/CD pipeline to optimize across your entire stack tuning to the business objectives set by you.

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