Datagrid Introduces Skopos

Datagrid Introduces Skopos – Continuous Deployment System to Enable Autonomous Operations for DevOps

Skopos Enables Fast, Reliable and Repeatable Production Deployments for Container-based Services on Docker CE, Docker EE and Amazon ECS


Datagrid Systems, the company driving autonomous operations for DevOps, today at DockerCon announced availability of its continuous deployment system Skopos, which completes the development-to-production cycle by adding automatic deployment for containers and microservices and ensuring consistent and reliable result every time.

Skopos integrates seamlessly with popular CI/CD systems in minutes, enabling it to add value in less than an hour. Skopos allows for automated deployment every time new code is promoted to provide consistent and continuous operation on various environments such as Docker CE, Docker EE or Amazon ECS.

Skopos ensures easy, fast and reliable deployments for DevOps teams by automatically discovering and creating a declarative model that captures deployment needs for services, including interactions and dependencies. Using the model, Skopos dynamically compiles a unique deployment plan for each code update taking into account the target platform, the running state, code and architectural changes. Deployment plans include quality checks, human approvals, chatops notifications and automatic rollback in the event of errors. Models and plans can be checked in with code, visualized for easy reference and even shared.

“Skopos delivers deployments-as-code in an incredibly flexible and powerful framework. We can finally coordinate and test our deployment process across all our services and faithfully reproduce it in production”, said Jameel Al-Aziz, Senior Software Engineer at HighFive Technologies, Inc. “Even better, changes to the deployment process are committed and versioned right alongside the code that is being deployed. As a result we have faster, more predictable, and mistake-free releases.”

“With Skopos, DevOps teams experience faster and more reliable automated deployments and can push code to production automatically, ensuring continuous operation without manual work and error prone scripts”, said Ross Schibler, CEO, Datagrid. “The day companies integrate Skopos into their CI/CD tool chain might be the last day they write deployment scripts.”


Skopos is free to download at It is packaged as a Docker container and includes the Skopos engine, all standard plugins and the control utility for easy deployment and upgrades. A detailed list of features is available at

During DockerCon the company will demonstrate how Skopos provides upgrades, failure detection and automatic rollback. Visitors can commit code changes or induce failures to a live service at the push of an IoT button.


About Datagrid

Datagrid Systems is a leading provider of software and services for DevOps and data center operators. The company’s continuous deployment system Skopos automatically deploys containers and microservices thus completing the development-to-production cycle.

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