Benefits for Developers

Offload time-consuming QA optimizations
Release features faster
Delight end users

QA can be a long and thankless job, but Opsani can own QA, delivering leaner code – and freeing up developers for higher value-added activities like new features and UX improvements

Many apps run hot, and enterprises overprovision to buy peace of mind. This overprovisioning costs enterprises tens of millions of dollars. Manual QA-ing can only achieve so much.

At the QA stage, with the right tools, this overspend can be avoided – without developers taking on any extra workload.

Opsani delivers autonomous cloud optimization through AI.

Opsani works at runtime to rightsize instances vertically and the fleet horizontally in response to varying load profiles.

Opsani autonomously operates to adjust cloud application settings, delivering the required application performance for the lowest possible cost at any time, with any scale, under any load.

With this cloud optimization power, the QA process can be supercharged, to rapidly and automatically deliver leaner and neater code.

While the QA optimizations happen in the background, engineers can focus on the more tangible aspects of engineering, such as delivering new features. Developers can focus on improving user experience.


Smoother apps = higher user satisfaction, less churn, and increased engagement.