Reliability Scanning and Updates for Plesk

VCTR vulnerability & security scanner extension for Plesk

VCTR (pronounced “Victor”) provides reliability and configuration recommendations based on analysis of real world operational data from systems around the world, all directly within Plesk.

Opsani VCTR free:

  • Analyzes your server configuration and reports security vulnerabilities in packages distributed by the operating system vendor.
  • Reports whether or not the vendor has released an update which fixes a vulnerability.
  • Provides links to OS vendor vulnerability descriptions and details.


Compatible with Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and RedHat distros.

Opsani VCTR pro:

  • Allows you to select and fix vulnerabilities from the user interface
  • Can be configured to automatically fix all, or just critical, vulnerabilities on a daily basis.
  • Provides email and dashboard notification for automatically fixed vulnerabilities and newly discovered critical vulnerabilities.

View reliability intelligence directly in Plesk

System update decisions

VCTR guides users through recommendations based on real world usage data on vulnerabilities, reliability, exploits and updates.

Updates in interface

VCTR Pro adds the ability to make updates directly from the VCTR interface with all the relevant data in front of you.

Free and pro versions

We offer both free and Pro versions of VCTR for Plesk. Both can be used for evaluation and production.

Available immediately

The VCTR reliability and security scanning extension for Plesk is available immediately through the Plesk extension catalog.