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Opsani is cloud optimization for K8s that saves you money,
while supercharging performance and reliability.

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Opsani uses ML and AI to continuously find the optimal runtime configurations, autonomously operating your cloud applications at the lowest possible cost for the performance that you need.

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But don’t just take our word for it


“Opsani allows us to maintain optimal performance of our cloud resources and gain visibility and control to manage costs in an increasingly complex environment.”

Russ Barnett, Chief Architect, Ancestry

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“Opsani lowered our costs by more than 70% and significantly reduced our release time-to-production because of the platform’s autonomous optimization operations.”

Tuan Le, Group Development
Manager at Intuit

Introducing Cloud Optimization for DevOps

Introducing Cloud Optimization for DevOps

Opsani AI optimizes your application performance in K8s by measuring the parameters that matter most to you (like requests per second or response time) while tweaking hundreds of settings like VM instance type, CPU shares, thread count, garbage collection, and memory pool sizes.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • What cloud optimization is
  • How neural networks & deep reinforcement learning offer the most powerful form of lower cost
  • How supercharging K8s on Opsani will increase performance, improve reliability and save $ millions.

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Book a call and get you custom Nike sneakers on us


Kimberly Shaffer, our VP of Sales, looks forward to show you how Opsani can supercharge your K8s environment for the future.

Taking the guesswork out of performance optimization

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