Leveraging NGINX and AIOps for Cloud-Native Performance and Efficiency

Watch our webinar with NGINX. As enterprise cloud costs increase, the CFO sweats. But the developers who caused the higher cloud bills are rewarded for their speedy product delivery while being blissfully ignorant of the downstream finical problems they have been incentivized to create. 

A large amount of support calls that NGINX responds to have to do with their customers trying to maximize performance and/or minimize cloud spend. In this webinar, Damian Curry, Business Development Technical Director at NGINX, and Robert Starmer, Customer Performance Engineer at Opsani, discuss how to leverage the NGINX Ingress Controller and Opsani to increase application throughput, reduce the error rate, decrease latency, and improve the operational efficiency of the cloud-native software deployment.

You will learn:

  • How to leverage NGINX Ingress Controller RED metrics and the Opsani Continuous Optimization as a Service platform to autonomously adjust the runtime configurations of a Kubernetes cluster for optimal and efficient performance.
  • About the large benefit for NGINX open source users and an even bigger opportunity for NGINX Plus customers to capitalize on the performance and cost advantages of Opsani and NGINX Plus as a solution.

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