Evolving APM for the Cloud-Native Era


Join our webinar on December 14th @ 11 am.

Enterprises have adopted the cloud to make computation resource consumption easier. CPU, memory, and other services are just an API call away. And enterprises have adopted CI/CD and cloud-native application development models to accelerate their time to market.

The focus is on the delivery of new features. Because resources are just an API call away, there is little focus on optimizing applications for performance, resilience, and efficiency.

In this webinar, we discuss what enterprises must do to complement their cloud consumption models and CI/CD practices to make their nascent cloud-native, Kubernetes-orchestrated applications more robust, resilient, and efficient.

Companies are already investing heavily in application performance monitoring to discover where problems lie. We will teach you what enterprises are missing. 

You will learn:

    • How to leverage APM data to autonomously tune cloud-native applications.
    • How to simultaneously meet the competing objectives of delivering new capabilities quickly, building robust applications, keeping costs as low as possible, and delighting the consumer of those applications with an excellent and reliable experience.
    • What you need to add to your current tool kits to deliver on this vision.


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