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VM Blog | Big Hello to Cloud-Native. Slow Goodbye, Kubernetes!

We created the cloud. Then we fell in love with cloud-native software architectures. Why did that happen?

The cloud makes it possible for us to consume IT resources on a pay-as-you-go basis. Instead of allocating a significant capital expenditure and investing in building a data center, we can use small operating expenses to consume what we need when we need it. Effectively, we made it possible for enterprises to go to the gas pump for fuel instead of drilling for oil and building a refinery themselves.  The beauty of the cloud is that IT resources are just an API call and a credit card swipe away.

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Intellyx | Stretching application resiliency beyond the problems APM can observe

Application performance monitoring (APM) solutions became an essential part of every enterprise-class production environment for good reason.

With critical software becoming ever more distributed and complex, the ability to monitor and alert teams about real-time performance issues happening in production literally governs the success of any attempt to scale. This necessity spurred the first generation of APM tools.

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Opsani Named A Tech Trailblazer Finalist

Tech Trailblazer awards are for startups offering innovative solutions to enterprises based anywhere around the world.

Opsani was pleased to be named a finalist.

Intellyx | Rethinking Vertical Scalability for Cloud-Native Computing

The two flavors of IT infrastructure scalability – vertical and horizontal – are both vitally important, but the relationship between them is often misunderstood.

Vertical scalability refers to the capabilities of individual compute instances. Adding RAM and additional disk storage to a physical server is one example of scaling up. Similarly, allotting more memory and storage to a VM is another.

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CIO Insight | Opsani Named One of the Best DevOps tools for 2021

DevOps has been with us now for several years. Above all, it should be regarded as an operating philosophy. It requires people who are familiar with the DevOps mindset and are skilled at implementing the practices that make DevOps successful in a company. It also requires the best DevOps tools, the ones that offer agility and flexibility.

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ITechnology | Opsani Ignite to Analyze Kubernetes-Orchestrated Applications and Identify Optimization Opportunities

Opsani announced Opsani Ignite, a new open-source tool used to identify Kubernetes applications that are running inefficiently or present reliability risks. With Opsani Ignite, organizations can now analyze all of their Kubernetes-orchestrated applications and identify optimization opportunities by processing metrics data from their existing Prometheus monitoring system.

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APM Digest | What Can AIOps Do For IT Ops? - Part 4

IT Operations cannot keep up with the requirements of keeping cloud applications functional and running their best. IT Ops needs to utilize the power of AI to keep the many combinations of app parameters and metrics in an optimal state.
-Peter Nickolov

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Intellyx | KubeCon 2021 Retrospective: Reconstituting the Cloud Native Community in LA

Opsani demonstrated an automated optimization solution that discovers application configurations, generates canary Kubernetes instances and YAML files, and compares multi-cloud deployment options against SLOs of cost, scalability and performance as measured in leading observability tools.

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 Silicon Angle | Opsani champions AI-driven, solution-focused approach to cloud app management

Organizations that run most (or even any) of their applications or operations on the cloud always strive for scalability, cost efficiency, reliability, ease of use and value delivery. These key goals aren’t always entirely met, however, due to a variety of reasons within and without the organization’s cloud environment.

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