Opsani Provides Cloud Reliability and Performance to Enhance Healthcare Cloud Application

Watch our webinar where our CCO Patrick Conte and Director of Engineering, Lorne Boden discuss how It seems like the country is getting back on its feet, with millions of COVID-19 vaccinations being distributed every day. But unfortunately, we are not in the clear yet. 2020 was an unprecedented, challenging year, but it is crucial to remember that in 2021 we are in the pandemic’s fourth wave. The healthcare industry has provided a massive dose of hope for ending the pandemic. Healthcare cloud applications are currently receiving more traffic than ever before. With the need for scheduling treatments, patient information, healthcare research, and vaccine distribution, healthcare cloud applications need to be scalable, responsive, and reliable. We will provide a free one-year subscription license to healthcare organizations involved in pandemic treatment, response, research, or distribution of medications. We already have significant interest from several healthcare organizations, and we want to help your application. For even more info check out our blog 15 minutes to Beat the Pandemic and Get Your Patients Back to Work
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