What Are Opsani's On-boarding Requirements and When Will You See Results?

In order for Opsani’s machine learning backend to work, we need to read the real time metrics. These metrics describe the desired performance goal and enabling us to make run time changes to those configurations or parameters. The Opsani servo is easily deployed into a customers environment. It’s also really safe. Opsani works across any kind of application structure. With our Kubernetes offering, we are easily integrated into our customers environment. We then see those performance metrics in the environment and do those configuration changes. Basically, we need to see real time metrics from the application and have the ability to configure workloads. With our machine learning, we are able to get our customers results within a day or less. More sophisticated application tuning does take around a week. Although through our machine learning, that time is decreasing. Check out our last video Black Magic: What Does It Mean and Why Is It So Important? for more Opsani knowledge! 

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