Skopos Surveyor

Skopos Surveyor is a free tool for Docker (incl. swarm) users that scans, discovers and displays your running applications and their architecture.
Visualize Your Architecture

Discover What’s Running In Minutes

Skopos Surveyor scans what you have in Docker (single host or swarm) to show you quickly what applications are running.

Discover what you have running.
Visualize your architecture.

Visualize Your Architecture

Once you’ve discovered your applications, Skopos Surveyor gives you new insight by visualizing service architecture, making it easy to see relationships and dependencies.

Share with Anyone, Even Non-Coders

With visual architecture you can easily share context with other teams members without them having to scan through reams of code.

Share your architecture with your team.
Model file in YAML

Save Your Architecture As Code

Beyond the visuals, Skopos Surveyor codifies your architecture saving it as a YAML file that can be checked into your source repository and used by others.

Get Skopos Surveyor

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Install Surveyor

Run Skopos container:

Step 3: Open Surveyor

Open your browser:

Go to http://<hostname>:8100 to open the Surveyor web UI.
Be sure to replace <hostname> with your host or IP address.

Click “Discover Existing Applications” to scan your system.

When You’re Ready, Step Up to Continuous Deployment

Visualizing your architecture isn’t the end point, though. When you’re ready to move to fully automated deployments Skopos uses the architecture YAML to compile deployment plans and move your code into production automatically.

Learn More About Surveyor

Architects, step away from the whiteboard;

Skopos Surveyor is here.

Scan, discover and display a visual representation of your real app in minutes. Free for Docker users (single host or swarm).


If you try Skopos – or decide not to try it – please send us your feedback on what you liked and what we can improve upon.